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Gold Bullion Coins

Used in commerce for thousands of years, Gold has always been seen as a means of financial exchange and store of wealth and with the emergence of Gold Coins during the 6th century this continued to endure and flourish as gold coins became the primary medium of exchange alongside gold bars.

Bullion coins are forged with an alloy to ensure durability, gold coins will often be marked with a value denomination to give legal tender status, but this denomination is usually far less than the actual value of the metal itself which is valued by the weight and purity of the coin, the standard unit of weight being the troy ounce, and the value of purity scaled in terms of fineness.

When reviewing fineness, a gold bullion coin with a value of 99% pureness, would be 999 parts gold, the other part consisting of an alloy the ensure the coins durability, gold bullion coins of this nature constituting “good delivery” status and reliable investments as a store of wealth and hedge against inflation of devaluation of traditional paper currencies.

While most nations have abandoned the gold standard during the 20 th century, where by paper currency in circulation could have been exchanged for a particular gold value, gold bullion coins still retain their value and are a reliable investment due to the innate value of gold itself.

Traditionally gold bullion coins will come in the sizes of 1oz (Troy Ounce), 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz and 1/20oz sizing's, although variations can and do exist in the form of limited issuance coins such as the Chinese Panda Coins and other limited issue coins produced by various mints around the world, such as the Perth Mint with its record breaking 1 Ton Gold Kangaroo coin holding a face value of over one million dollars.

Various other factors also come into consideration when it concerns the value of gold bullion coins, such as the hallmarks of the coinage itself, as while the metal content and purity give the coin its base value, particular designs are popular among coin collectors both for their designs and rarity, dependent upon how many were produced and in circulation.

As far as investment is concerned, a gold coin, is considered a gold bullion coin if it has been minted after the year 1800, maintains a quality standard of no less than 900 thousands and has once been, or is still, used as legal tender in its country of origin and there are a wide variety of different gold bullion coin designs, each with their own particular values and hallmarks.

  • American Gold Eagle
  • Austrian Philharmonic
  • Russian Chervonets
  • Russian George the Victorious
  • British Britannia
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Swiss Vreneli
  • Chinese Panda
  • Australian Gold Nugget
  • French Napoleon
  • South African Krugerrand
  • Malaysian Kijang Emas
  • Gold Dinar

Whether the iconic American Gold Eagle, illustrious Austrian Philharmonic or the elegant Canadian Maple Leaf, gold bullion coins as an investment or as part of a retirement gold portfolio are a solid choice for a return on investment and a great way to further diversify your portfolio along with traditional gold bars.

Каль Николай [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

American Gold Eagle

The enigmatic and majestic Gold American Eagle Bullion Coin stands as a testament to liberty and an ever standing guard to financial security, first introduced in the United States in 1986 it’s a standard among gold investors and those looking to invest for retirement because its gold content is guaranteed due to its high gold quality content, with a total of 22 Karat Gold assured, translating to roughly 90.5% in purity, “Good Delivery” status by all Bullion associations, both in the U.S and the London Bullion Market Association.

The front holds Lady Liberty, designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, standing strong, protector of the people and personification of the ideals itself, while the reverse design, by Miley Busiek, the American Bald Eagle, standing strong to defend its people, not just a symbol for Americans, but that of a defender for the idea of Justice everywhere.

Available in a variety of weight values, for economic purposes of consistency the best purchase for investors or those looking to invest in gold for retirement being the 1oz bullion coin, the Gold American Eagle also comes in 1/2oz, 1/ 4oz and of course 1/10 Oz variations, which by law must come from high quality American Gold, combined with a secure silver and copper alloy for stability, only adding to its wealth value.

As far as its visual design is concerned its iconic, its visual design echoing the thoughts and ideals of liberty from across the ages, as far as an in investment option, its assured as the American Eagle is a highly sought after, and highly exchanged gold bullion coin, by investors, retirement fund holders and collectors alike, it is one of a kind, and a symbolic piece of history, combining both art, wealth and investment futures all in a single 1oz coin, simply a masterpiece of coin craft.

Like all bullion coins the face value, is not to be considered the real value, this is simply implemented to assure to coin takes legal status, the real value is in that of its metal worth, for which, with an assured 22 Karat value, always retains itself highly on the global precious metals market.

There are of course proof and collectors versions of the American gold eagle, each with their own particular value, but by far the bullion version outshines them all as a secure of wealth and a symbol of liberty and justice, echoing the thoughts of a nation and the ideals it was founded upon, a timeless coin of eternal value, both economically and aesthetically, and a wise choice for any investor, collector or individual looking to diversify their retirement portfolio into gold.

Austrian Philharmonic

Crafted with all the artistic tapestry and creativity of Austria, The Gold Austrian Philharmonic bullion coin was crafted to represent the finest in quality as an expression of the nation itself, forged of pure 24 Karat gold (99.9% Purity Good Delivery Status) the coin exhibits exceptional qualities in both its production and hallmark.

Baring the words Republik Osterreich on the face, along with a design of the illustrious Musikverein Golden Hall it stands as one of the most highly sought-after gold bullion coins both midst collectors, investors and those looking to diversify their gold IRA portfolio.

And this is no surprise, Austrian gold has long been sought since as far back as the Roman Empire, with merchants and traders commonly using one of the oldest variations known as the gold ducat, yet its present iteration the Austrian Gold Philharmonic has been in use for over 800 years and was first commissioned in Vienna by its historical mint.

Its solid reputation and high demand are world renowned both for its purity and aesthetics, it is a regal coin in every sense, exhuming the culture and art of one of the most creative musical hubs of Europe and is available in 1oz, 1/ 2oz, 1 / 4oz and of course 1 / 10oz respectively, a valuable asset in any investment portfolio and a wise decision in any investment portfolio.

Gold British Britannia

The sun never sets on the legendary British empire and so it is neither does it on the eternal majesty and value of the immortal Gold British Britannia, Lady Britannia standing strong across the waves of history, the iconic design of Philip Nathan sporting her on the face, with the crowned Monarch on the reverse, royal and regal in every single way and certainly a catch of any day with an assured “good delivery” status as a result of its 22 Karat (91.7%) purity, ensuring its value only grows with maturity.

Lady Britannia has stood strong as a symbol of the British Isles for over 2000 years and as the hallmark on gold bullion coinage since 1672 and has reigned under every Monarch since then, as a symbol of strength, wealth and the stoic immortal spirit which is that of Britain, while modern iterations of the coin in proof form honor some of the greatest artists England has to offer, the standard design remains an eternal classic among collectors and investors.

Produced by one of the oldest and trusted mints in the world, the Royal Mint of England which has stood for over 1000 years producing some of the finest quality coinage, bullion and precious metal productions ever seen, its fineness is assured, both internationally and by the London Bullion Market Association.

Available in the standard denominations of 1 oz, 1/ 2 oz, 1/ 4 oz and 1 / 10 oz all with their own face value that is far out shadowed by the actual metal content, in recent times the British Britannia has also been made available in 5 oz with a face value of £ 500 pounds and 1/20 oz with a face value of £ 5 pounds, not that any face value would ever match that of the Britannia, its value of purity has been renowned worldwide for over a thousand years and endures to this day, making it wise choice along with LBMA approved bullion as part of any IRA investment portfolio.

From the house of Lords across the sands of time, the highest Monarchs and humble commons one could find, seeking high and low one shall never find such a finer thing than the British Britannia, an assured investment and store of wealth, its golden fineness but what angels sent, designs of euphoria its value that of Gloria, The British Gold Britannia stands even still, across the waves of time.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Internationally recognized the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin is an assured store of value, historically and currently produced by the Royal Canadian Mint who were of the first worldwide to produce assured 99.9% fineness in purity coins, this bullion coin produced by the neighbors to the north and sisters of the south has been a steady favorite of investors and portfolio holders for decades, reaching particular prominence on the world stage during the eighties.

Its purity is second to none with an assured 24karat value (99.9%) and its face features that of Queen Elizabeth stating the dollar value of the coin, while the reverse the ever-recognizable Canadian Maple Leaf, with the particular weight of the coin listed at the bottom in both English & French that national languages of Canada.

Available in 1oz, 1 / 2oz, 1 /4oz and 1/ 10oz denominations the coin is an assured asset for any potential investor and is highly recognized by the both NBA exchanges and the London Market Bullion Association itself for both its exquisite craftsmanship and metal content composition but also that of its hallmark, the ever-recognizable humble Canadian Maple Leaf design created by Stanley Witten.

The Canadian Gold Maple leaf is both symbolic as it is Historic as the Royal Canadian Mint was one of the first worldwide to produce the coin in all common four Oz variations and were Pioneers in producing the 1oz bullion coin as up until its emergence the only alternative was the widely respected South African Krugerrand, all to say that the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf stands as an exceptionally valuable coin, both for its intrinsic value and its historical significance deserving a place in any collection or investment portfolio.

Gold South African Krugerrand

Africa, the mother of the earth, Gaia, and holder of some of the richest precious metals ever known to man, None less renowned or less valuable than the South African Gold Krugerrand, first established in 1970 by the South African Mint, now privately owned as the South African Mint Company and subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of South Africa, it has long stood as one of the first ever investment options for Gold Bullion Coins, comprised of some of the finest quality metals ever known on the planet earth.

South Africa is a nation rich in culture and rich in gold wealth, its reserves are some of the deepest in the world, and the South African Gold Krugerrand has long stood as a staple among gold investors, its purity is world renowned, with an assured “good delivery” status in nearly every bullion association on the planet, no less the London Bullion Market Association, which is no surprise as the coin boasts an impressive 22karat (91.67%) purity, comprised of its predominant base metal element of gold, but hardened with a copper alloy to ensure durability.

While its hallmark may not be as graceful as many of its contemporary bullion coins, sporting the face of Paul Kruger, the first president of south Africa on the front and a majestic antelope on the reverse, the coin not only holds its value for its metal worth, but with it echoes similar ideals of liberty and freedom as that of Lady Liberty, and Lady Britannia, despite whatever historic differences may have occurred, and for that is a symbol of Liberty and store of wealth in one fine stroke.

One of the curious things about the Gold South African Gold Krugerrand is that it bears no facial dollar denomination, this is as a result of it never being intended for usage as legal currency but rather its creation being that of ensuring that South Africa's vast gold reserves could be exported and take a place on the world stage, which they have done with no short order, the Krugerrand recognized worldwide for its content and purity.

The most common in circulation, particularly among investors and collectors is of course the 1oz variation, but the coin is of course available it its respectable 1/ 2 oz, 1/ 4oz and 1/ 10 denominations, a symbol of wealth, a symbol of security and a wise choice for any gold investor, collector, or those simply looking to diversify their retirement portfolio into gold, the South African Gold Krugerrand stands strong in might, wealth and financial security.

Gold Chinese Panda

First minted by the Peoples Republic of China in 1982 the Chinese Gold Panda coin is one of exceptional quality, highly sought after by both collectors and investors for its unique designs and high purity gold content all sourced directly from China itself, it features the Taoist Temple of Heaven on the front with the wording “Zhonghua Renmin Gonghegu” in Chinese across the top, translating to “Peoples Republic of China” and the year of issuance on the bottom, the reverse featuring designs of the Panda, long an animal that's symbolism has been linked to China.

The Panda is a majestic animal by its very nature and along with other animals, has long stood as a symbol of China representing the traits of Humility & Peace and it is because of these traits that the animal was chosen to be featured on the coins design, the Chinese Government projecting a message of what is known as “Panda Diplomacy” representative of the attitudes of China itself, great humility, even as an economic super power.

The Gold Panda is available in all the standard denominations of 1oz, 1 /2oz, 1 /4oz and 1 /10oz, and as with all bullion coins, the face value of the coin being far exceeded by the worth of the metal content itself, curiously as of 2016 on-wards the coin will be issued in the metric system of grams, replacing the old troy ounce system, which will no doubt give the 2016 range of Gold Pandas additional collectors worth as a result of the historical significance of the change, conversely the same to be said for the 2015 range, the last in the series minted baring the troy ounce markings.

One of the unique things about the Chinese Gold Panda coin is that the design changes every year (With the exception of 2002) the Panda is always featured but the visual design is changed, this greatly contributes to the value of the coin as in addition to its high quality gold content, the design alteration gives it a unique collectors aspect, rare among coins of such quality and making it a popular choice among investors looking to diversify their portfolio beyond the standard Suisse gold credit bars.

The consistent usage of the Temple of Heaven on the front of the coin also is world renowned, the architecture of this Chinese landmark is beautiful in and of itself, its depiction on the front of the Chinese Gold Panda even more so, a fascinating building both important to emperors of the Ming & Qing dynasties as part of national ceremonies, the complex itself is a series of religious buildings situation in the southeastern part of central Beijing, the specific part of this complex featured on the coin is known as the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests and is the central and largest building in the complex itself.

Fortunately for any investor though a trip to the hall will not be required to ensure a good harvest when investing in Chinese Gold Panda coins as the assured purity of the metal is world renowned and always considered “good delivery status” by American and international bullion associations and financial institutions.

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