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Silver Bullion Coins

Silver, often dubbed “Poor Man’s Gold” is anything but, and in the form of coinage has been seen in circulation as far back as ancient Greece and the Persian empire, while silver has a lesser value than gold, it is still a precious metal and has wide applications in both industrial and luxury commodity sectors.

As a result, Silver Bullion Coins are a solid investment choice, particularly for those that would like to have a diversified precious metal portfolio, the common conception is that silver is somehow inferior to gold, the reality is anything but, silver is just as valuable, it simply has a lesser economic value because of the difference in applications of the metal itself.

But with that said, its economic value is stable, and an investment in silver bullion coins will yield just as much of a return on investment as their gold counterparts would, the dollar value as it relates to paper money may change, but the ratios on value percentage remain the same.

Much the same as other precious metals, silver bullion coins are often forged with an alloy to ensure the stability of the coin, with the base standard as observed internationally being considered at least 95% for “good delivery” status, so a silver bullion coin of 95% purity would have 95% purity of silver and the remainder of a composition of alloys to allow the coins purity.

Just the same as other bullion coin types, silver bullion coins are valued by their weight and purity, calculated by troy ounces, coming in a range of size variations ranging from 1oz (Troy Ounce), 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz and 1/20oz sizing's, with common “good delivery” status ranging from 95% purity up to 99% purity.

Much the same as other bullion coins, to be considered legitimate silver bullion coinage the coin must retain no less than 900 thousand’s percentage of silver, be minted after the year 1800 and have once been considered, or still considered legal tender in the country of origin.

Like other precious metals, the face value of any silver bullion coin will always be less than the actual value of the coin as a result of the value of the metal at any one given time, but one of the great advantages of silver bullion coins is that they often retain a higher value because they hold a greater sale price than the spot value of silver on any given day as a result of their mintage circulation amount and design.

As a precious metal silver bullion coins are highly valuable, and there are a variety of different hallmark styles that can be encountered, all with their own particular percentage values and collector values as a result of their embossed hallmarks.

  • American Silver Eagle
  • Mexican Silver Libertad
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • Australian Silver Kookaburra
  • Austrian Silver Vienna Philharmonic
  • British Silver Britannia
  • Chinese Silver Panda
  • Russian Silver George the Victorious

No matter if the robust Australian Silver Kookaburra, the elegant Silver Vienna Philharmonic, or the ever enigmatic British Silver Britannia, silver bullion coins are always a wise investment and deserve consideration for any precious metal or silver retirement portfolio, not a “poor man’s gold” but a savvy investors sanctuary, silver retains its value giving a strong return on investment and a stable secure of wealth against inflation and devaluation of paper currencies, silver stands strong as a wise precious metal investment choice.

Silver American Eagle

While Lady Liberty may look finest with her golden adornment, there is no comparison between her silver counterpart, the Silver American Eagle which ever since its release on November 24 in 1986 has amazed the world and been the prize of precious metal investors everywhere, first for its amazing purity of silver content with a guaranteed 99.9% fineness per troy ounce (1oz) but also its Aesthetics the “walking liberty” design, first seen on the ever favorite walking liberty dollar, a design conceived by patriot Adolph A. Weinman on the obverse while the Heraldic Splendor of the silver shield and American eagle by John Mercanti on the reverse.

An assured purity and weight by the US Mint at large of 99.9% fineness and assured “good delivery” status, produced by the Philadelphia, San Francisco and West Point mints respectively the Silver American Eagle bullion coin is a powerhouse of silver investment, so popular and valued among investors that in both 2014 and 2015 the US Mint was not able to fill all orders because the supply of production was exhausted, bringing into play a rationing system of 18 months in duration that exists through to this day as a result of the immense popularity and value of the Silver American Eagle.

Produced in one troy ounce (1oz) denominations the coin bares the face value of one dollar, a silent sense of humility, as its true value far exceeds that of its legal tender status, just in terms of its metal purity value to say nothing of the collectors value attributed to its enduring and patriotic aesthetics, while the all-time high for silver was reached in 1980 at $49.85 silver is actually a fare scarcer metal on earth and far more widely used, all to say, if Silver spikes to a record high is not a matter of if, but a matter of when, but even with speculation aside, the Silver American Eagle stands as a solid investment, so much so that it is one of the few bullion coins authorized by the united states government to be used as part of a precious metals IRA retirement fund.

The coin is forged of 99.9% pure silver, with the remainder being comprised of a copper alloy to allow for the hardening of the coin ensuring durability, with a diameter of 40.6mm and thickness of 2.98mm, forged by US Mints from some of the finest silver on earth, an assured secure of wealth and return on investment, not the often joked “poor man’s gold” but rather “smart man’s gold” as despite its lower monetary value, silver in many ways, is far more valuable in application that gold itself and there really is no comparison between the two, they are separate metals, both with their own unique and valuable applications.

The Silver American Eagle is world renowned, known and accepted as “good delivery” by most bullion market associations and financial institutions on the planet, while its return exchange to traditional currency may be lower, its purity of content ensure its value, making this coin a wise and sound decision as part of any retirement or investment portfolio along with other traditional forms of silver bullion and for collectors there are also a wide variety of proof versions and non-circulated coin versions of the enigmatic Silver American Eagle, worthy of a place in any coin collection.

Be it the bullion version, proof or non-circulated collectors editions, in every single way, if there ever was a silver bullet against inflation the American Silver Eagle would soar high as its champion, a symbol of justice and liberty and a wise investment for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio into silver with an assured return on investment with all the charismatic beauty of the coin adding collectors value to that which is the brilliance and personification of Lady Liberty herself.

Australian Silver Kookaburra

The Great Southern Land, Terra Australis, Oceania to the ancient orient or simply “There Be Dragons Here” to the cartographers of medieval Europe, call it what you will there is no escaping the innate beauty of Australia, its exotic fauna and flora some of the most unique on earth, untouched for thousands of years, in the world of precious metals nothing more is as exquisite than Australian Silver and the Australian Silver Kookaburra Coin.

Produced exclusively by Australia's legendary and world renowned Perth Mint, the coin is comprised of 99.9% pure silver and an assured “Good Delivery” status by nearly every financial institution on earth, the coin is available in 1oz, 2oz, 10oz and 1 Kilo denominations, the latter of the 1kilo being the most popular of the choices among investors, recognized by the American Government as suitable for being part of an IRA precious metal portfolio.

The obverse of the coin consists of the Ian Rank Bradley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II which has appeared on all UK and Commonwealth coinage, bullion, proof or otherwise since 1998, encircled by the name of the nation, with the face value denomination listed underneath, as with all bullion coins the face value being a thing of formality and in no way reflective of the true wealth of the bullion coin and its metal content.

The reverse of the coin depicts the Australian Kookaburra, a wise bird, often associated with the Australian bush or “Outback” all be it in truth they can be seen far and wide across the nation, they bare significance to all modern Australians, as well as in the mythology of the original indigenous Australians, who's myths and legends often speak of the wisdom of the Kookaburra, always laughing, but always sharp eyed, with an eye on the prize and a laugh for the next thunderclap overhead.

The design of the bird on the Silver Kookaburra Coin changes every year, adding significant value to the wealth of the coin for its unique collectors aspect as a result of the design change, while proof and non-circulated versions of the coin do exist strictly for collectors, the sheer collectors worth of the bullion coin in addition to its silver content worth leave all others in the shadow, with only a limited mintage of 500,000 of the coins in the 1 Kilo denomination produced every year by the legendary Perth Mint, these coins are highly sought after, highly respected among investors and deserving of a place in any savvy precious metals investors portfolio.

Silver retains its wealth as a result of its intrinsic value, constantly in high demand for its value in industrial commodities across many fields, the rugged, yet refined Australian silver not only retains its wealth as a metal, but also increases in value over time as a result of its exceptional quality, one of the finest silver bullion coins on the planet, not that any less would be expected from the Perth Mint Bullion as it is globally recognized as one of the finest on earth, along with all the precious metals it produces, internationally recognized and praised by the NBA Associations and the London Bullion Market Association.

Silver British Britannia

Like the waves themselves as they kiss the shoreline of England, Grey and illuminated by the moonlight as it dances across the waves, the Silver British Britannia bullion coin, first produced in 1997 but with a legacy spanning back as far as the Emperor Hadrian is among the finest silver bullion coins on the planet, produced by none other than the Royal Mint of England, with such an exceptional level of quality it is renowned on the world stage ensuring the sun never sets on the value of the Silver British Britannia.

Featuring prominently the hallmark of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, a design created by Jody Clark in its present iteration, the coin holds a face value of £2 illustrated on the coin, along with her majesties namesake, yet with a purity of 99.9% fineness in silver metal content and an assured “Good Delivery” status by the London Bullion Market Association its assured value of wealth far surpasses that which is listed on its obverse, ensuring this bullion coin is an assured favorite among investors and those looking to diversify their retirement portfolio into silver.

The reverse holds the immortal hallmark of Lady Britannia, a symbol of England dating as far back as 1672 she has stood strong guarding the isles, its people and the ideals of liberty, a design encapsulated and expressed in the immortal artwork of Philip Nathan in 1987, whether gold or silver, Lady Britannia always ensures her fineness, no more so than on her silver bullion coin, standing strong in the ideals of liberty for all of England, its allies and those that share the same ideals as she sails across the waves.

As with most bullion coins you can find the Silver British Britannia in 1oz, 1/ 2oz, 1/ 4oz and 1/ 10oz denominations respectfully, the most consistent investment of course always being the 1oz, if for no other reason than being consistently easy to assess in terms of troy ounces, but in any denomination the coins silver worth has an assured fineness in metal content only complimented by its beauty.

While the depiction of Lady Britannia has been prominent on gold bullion coins for some time, she first made her appearance wearing silver in 1997 when the silver bullion version of the coin was first commissioned by the Royal Mint ever since then demand has soared and while certain proof versions are now created annually with different variations of design for collectors, Lady Britannia is always depicted, so valuable is the Silver British Britannia that even her mistakes, as seen in the case of the Lunar Year of the Horse miss-strike of which there were 17,000 coins minted incorrectly, all to only go on to fetch a higher premium as a result of the coins assured metal content value, all to say that even when a British Britannia does it wrong, it still does it right, compounding the fact that any investment be it for collectors sake, investment portfolio or as part of a retirement fund is always an assured return when considering the Silver British Britannia.

The coin itself has a diameter of 38.61 mm and a thickness of 3 mm, its edges are milled and its hallmarks are fine, an excellent silver investment and exceptional design, surely none greater shall one ever find, royal in nature from a mint that has stood for over 1000 years, a coin admired by investors and their peers, exceptional store of wealth in every single way, a hedge against inflation and the fiat of the day, be an investor, a collector, retiree or more the value of the Silver British Britannia is always assured.

Austrian Silver Vienna Philharmonic

For all the concertos, operas and symphonies to come out of the great Musikverein Golden Halls, nothing encapsulates the eternal brilliance of the rich musical artistic culture of Austria finer than the legendary and world renowned Austrian Silver Philharmonic bullion coin, first commissioned by Austrian Mint in 2008 since its release it has soared to astronomical heights of fame both for its symbolic artistic brilliance and of course its immense financial value with a fineness of 99.9% silver metal content, making it without a doubt one of the finest silver coins on earth for the savvy investor and artistic enthusiast looking to diversify into silver as part of a retirement portfolio.

The front features the hallmark of the legendary organ of the Austrian Musikverein Golden Halls, a design created by Thomas Pesendorfer in 1989, standing as a symbol of the artistic nature of Austria itself, long known to be an artistic hub for Musicians, Artists and Poets worldwide, to say nothing of their financial insights as a nation, none better expressed than in the Austrian Silver Philharmonic.

As one would expect the coin is available in all the standard denominations of 1 oz, 1 /2 oz, 1 /4 oz and 1/ 10 oz variants, with the 1 oz variation baring a face value of 1.50 Euro's, its face value paling in comparison to the true wealth value of the coin, as expressed through its 99.9% fine silver content and assured “good delivery” status among bullion associations and financial institutions worldwide.

The reverse of the coin features an assortment of instruments, once again the inspiration of Thomas Pesendorfer, each beautiful in their own right, the harp, cello, bassoon, flute, violin and even french horn hold prominence on the design, the diversity of instruments only complimenting the diversity of the musical brilliance that is innate to Austria itself, which for hundreds of years have played host and hosted themselves some of the finest musical productions ever seen in Europe and the world at large, with a focus always on quality it is no doubt while the symbolic Austrian Silver Philharmonic exhibits all the same qualities of the nation’s musical ideology itself.

While young when compared to its contemporary silver bullion coins, this is no detraction from its immense value and popularity as since the creation of the Austrian Philharmonic in 2008 it has seen unprecedented sales year after year, its sheer beauty of design and what it stands for, a legacy of fine arts, is no better expressed than in its exceptional metal content, some of the finest silver on earth, ensuring it has a place in the part of any precious metal investors portfolio or those simply looking to diversify their silver retirement portfolio with all the elegance that is that of the Austrian Philharmonic Orchestra.

With a diameter of 37.00 mm and a thickness of 3.2 mm, smooth edge and assured fineness of 99.9% (24 Karat) silver imbued with all the creativity of all the music that has ever graced the Musikverein halls of Austria, the Austrian Silver Philharmonic stands as a symbol of the finest musical masterpieces ever known, brilliance in the personification of precious metals representing and standing for all that has ever been played in these sacred halls, an assured secure return for investors and sound choice for those looking to diversify their precious metals retirement portfolio with something of an artistic flare.

Silver and Gold yet none can behold, the immense might and majesty that is the Silver Austrian Philharmonic, it’s worth assured, its brilliance unrivaled, one of the finest productions of metal to ever grace the earth and an echo of all the composers, performers and musicians who have ever stood in the great Musikverein Halls of Austria

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

The finest sister of the Commonwealth sports her Silver like a jewel never seen, the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf, one of the finest bullion coins ever created, with a fineness of 99.9% and an assured return on investment, recognized by bullion associations and financial institutions worldwide as an assured “good delivery” this masterpiece produced by the Royal Canadian Mint is one of a kind, popular worldwide by investors and collectors alike for its immense wealth and assured beauty as a collector’s item, making it a fine choice for those looking to diversify into silver as part of a retirement portfolio.

Legal tender in Canada with a face value of a mere $5 dollars, its metal content far surpasses its nominated face value, found it variations of common denomination such as 1 oz, 1 / 2 oz, 1 / 4 oz and 1/ 10 oz respectfully the coin is a masterpiece, baring no less than the Monarch of the Commonwealth herself, Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, a design conceived by Susanna Blunt in 2003, while the reverse holds the symbol of Canada, the Maple Leaf, its present iteration of design as featured on the coins the work of RCM engravers, first coming into appearance in 1988 and along with the sheer wealth of the coin itself, establishing itself as one of the most popular silver bullion coins among investors and collectors ever since.

Truly the coin is an amazement to behold, to say nothing of its pure fineness, 99.9% silver, its design is brilliant in every way, hallmarks exceptionally crafted by the Royal Canadian Mint, which has been established for over one hundred years, the Ottawa branch of the mint alone producing some of the finest bullion known to man since 1908, staying true to its philosophy of quality through to the present day.

While exceptional quality of silver can be found throughout the world, Canadian Silver holds it status as some of the finest due to the exquisite attention to detail given throughout the production process, resulting in a Canadian Silver Maple Leaf that is of exceptional quality, craftsmanship and economic wealth as a result of the metals intrinsic value.

While available in a gold variant, the silver variation of the maple leaf is without comparison, its store of wealth, highly sought-after collectors’ aspect and popularity among investors and precious metal institutions assure it worldwide as “good delivery” status and deserves a place among the portfolios of any investor or those looking to diversify into silver for retirement.

With an assured purity, weight and worth by the Government of Canada itself, investment in the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf is always an assured return, be it as an investment, collector’s item or as part of a retirement portfolio one thing is always guaranteed, that of an exceptionally crafted silver bullion coin, with assured returns, store of wealth and stoic hedge against inflation.

One of the finest jewels of the commonwealth the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is a sound investment, no matter the objective, an assured store of wealth and an artistic masterpiece with the world recognized maple leaf itself standing as a symbol of wealth, liberty and freedom.

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